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Published by Acoustic Press

Ensemble: Multi-Keyboard    

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Arranged for five players at two pianos or keyboards. Great for piano camps. (interm.) $7.50 (Includes five copies of full scores.)


Kickin' Classics

This highly contrapuntal 'two-step' uses popular classic themes such as Mozart's Symphony #40, Bach's 8-part Invention, Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet and Beethoven's 5th Symphony (IV). It was written for a monster concert or piano camp setting where students (or teacher) performers could involve the audience in listening for composition techniques as well as identifying famous classical repertoire.
It was written in eight parts (staves) for four pianos. Performers are asked to play follow one line (as an orchestral player) and focus on articulation, shaping, following the conductor and listening to how their part fits into the whole. Some parts require both hands. Levels vary from mid-late intermediate. ($12 - Includes one conductor's score and 2 copies of each piano part: (I. II. II. IV.)


Waltz for Wanda

An original trio inspired by my cat, Wanda. Written for three at one piano. (early-interm.) $5.00 - Includes three full scores.


Strolling Along

Another original trio for three at one piano. Great for sight-reading. (early-interm.)
$5.00 - Includes three full scores.



Ensemble: Two-Piano    

Puccini Medley

An advanced two-piano arrangement written for the Sallee-Hatley Two Piano Duo. The medley incorporates themes from famous operas such as, La Rondine, Gianni Schicchi, Madame Butterfly and Turandot. $11.00 (two scores)


Duets: Elementary
(teacher accompaniment)

Variations on I Dropped My Dolly in the Dirt

This can also be published as Peter-Peter Pumpkin Eater (for boys). Accompaniment is mid-intermediate. The variations are also available as an elementary solo. $3.50

  The Spunkster

This jazzy piece in C Minor uses 'swing' 8th notes throughout. The student part does not use a key signature and is predominantly RH alone until the last 2 measures. Due to repetition, the primo could be taught by rote. Great for Halloween. $3.50

  Easy Gospel and Sacred Duets

$8.00 for the entire collection* or $2 per selection.
The format provides an easy-to read accompaniment on a separate page secondo part.   Student (primo) parts use two treble staves and include 1-2 verses of text. Each selection is 1-2 pages. Contents include: It is Well With My Soul, America the Beautiful, To God Be the Glory, We Gather Together, Do Lord, Rise Up Shepherd and Follow and Still, Still, Still.


Black Key Blues

This is a great 'first song' for beginners (especially adults) as it can be taught by rote on the black keys. It also serves as a nice introduction to improvising the blues since there are no wrong notes for the student. Available in staff or non-staff notation for student part. Teacher accompaniment is in Bb. $3.50


Only in My Dreams

This late-elementary duet supports a beautiful melody that will become a favorite of all beginners, young and old alike. $3.50

Duets: Intermediate (equal parts)

Getting 'Round To It

This early-interm. arrangement is based on the round "Are You Sleeping" and allows the performers to trade places (at the bench) switching parts midway through. $4.00 (includes 2 copies)


You Are My Sunshine

This early- intermediate arrangement of this popular folk song includes a primo melody with a simple LH harmonization and a simple boom-chink chord accompaniment in the secondo for students that have been introduced to primary chords. Available in keys of C and F major. $4.00 (includes 2 copies)



This mid-interm. level original duet is in a waltz style and supports a swaying melody in the key of Bb major. The secondo is predominately broken chord accompaniment. $4.00 (includes 2 copies)



A mid-interm. duet written on an original C minor theme. The slow and stately tempo resembles the mood of Rachmaninoff's Vocalise. Suitable for adults.
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Solos: Early- Late Elementary


Dolly Variations

An early-intermediate theme and four short variations on I Dropped my Dolly in the Dirt (or Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater for boys). These variations include lots of contrasting elements, making it the perfect contest solo. $2.50


Little Donkey

Piece written to introduce 8th notes and chromatic patterns. $1.50


Bubblegum Rap

This late elementary 'rap' song includes lyrics that helps the student hear the rhythm patterns throughout. A nice exercise in executing repeat notes. $2.50


Ginger, the Gingerbread Girl

This mid-elementary solo uses sequential patterns and lyrics to make it easy to memorize. A real 'girly' piece! $2.50



This early-elementary piece is suitable as a first 'hands together' solo. No 8th note rhythm values are used. $1.50


Proceed with Caution

This who-done-it solo in G minor key with no key signature is perfect for Halloween. $2.50

Peanuts and Popcorn

This mid-elementary solo contains lots of rhythmic energy and includes lyrics to help teach the rhythmic patterns. $2.50.


Spooky and Spunky

This mid--elementary solo is based on the whims of my two cats, Spooky and Spunky. Includes some lyrics.



This late elementary solo in D minor key includes lyrics that can really 'creep you out'! No key signature used. It's also great for Halloween. $2.50

The Squirrel and the Dog

This late-elem. solo has been transcribed from a children's choral work that tells a story about the perils of squirrel chased by a dog. Lyrics included. $2.50

Yankee Doodle

This arrangement in C includes the verse and chorus with the melody passed back and forth between the hands. Also includes lyrics and a short intro and coda. $1.50



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Solos: Intermediate


Westward Collection

This late-intermediate collection includes original solos inspired by a trip west to the Colorado Rockies. Pieces include: Chipmunk Chatter, Pike's Peak, Roadrunner Rumba, Trail to the Summit and Farewell to Fall. $8.00 for the collection or $2.50 each.


Missing You

An mid-intermediate solo dedicated to the families of servicemen serving in Iraq. $2.50



A mid-level intermediate solo with an original melody. Suitable for adults or teens. $2.50

All Through the Night

A mid-intermediate arrangement of the popular folk song formatted into one page. $2.00


Lucy's Loose

This late interm original jazz solo is my answer to Vince Giraldi's Linus and Lucy, which all students want to play. This piece is slightly simpler than his original advanced solo and is subtitled: A Study in Syncopation. $2.50

Solos: Advanced


Civil War Patriotic Medley

This medley is a great solo for church, especially around Veteran's Day or the Fourth of July. It incorporates the tunes: Hymn to Freedom and Battle Hymn of the Republic. $5.50

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