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accompanist dinner and jazz pianist

As a performer, one seldom hears Mary performing solo. As a collaborative artist, she finds the most joy making music with others. Her ability to arrange music allows her to put together custom programs to fit the occasion and the needs and tastes of the musicians collaborating with her. As a result, each performance is unique and filled with custom written arrangements for the specific singers, choirs or instrumental ensembles.

The following pages guide you through Mrs. Sallee's experience as a performer. Click on the following 'notes' to learn more about her involvement as a professional accompanist, church pianist and dinner/jazz pianist.



dinner and jazz pianist

The Windsong Chamber Choir featured Mary's jazz group performing her arrangements for part of their Christmas concert.

Mary performing her arrangements for singers at a private Valentine party.

Mary accompanying the Norman North Jazz Choir as they rehearse her arrangment of the The BC Clark Jingle Jangle for an upcoming concert.




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