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Mary began publishing her piano music in 1994. After arranging some duets and publishing them herself through Acoustic Press, she began to send some of her works to various publishers. In 1996, several of her original pieces and arrangements were accepted by Alfred and Willis publishing companies. Although many of her later intermediate works were published by Willis (now owned by Hal Leonard), she continued to seek out a publisher that would 'put her to work', writing for them exclusively. In the meantime, she continued writing for her students' needs.

In 1999, Carl Fischer took an interest in her writing and asked her to write a series of collections for their company. While with them, she worked with editor Marvin Blickenstaff on several solo and duet collections, mostly on the intermediate level. In 2003, Carl Fischer decided to scale down their catalog for piano educational music, so she began looking for yet another publisher! In the interm, FJH picked up three of her solos.

Mrs. Sallee began writing exclusively for Alfred in 2006.

Alfred Publishing      
  Simply Joplin
This is an 80 page collection of the most popular piano solos by Scott Joplin. These pieces have been carefully selected and arranged for Easy Piano (early-mid intermediate), making many of Joplin's most charming rags accessible to pianists of all ages. Phrase markings, articulations, fingering and dynamics have been included to aid with interpretation, and a large print size makes the notation easy to read.
Simply Joplin  
  Comfort in the Time of Need
Although the passing of someone dear is always difficult, expressive and heartfelt hymns provide solace and comfort. All selections are time-tested songs of faith: It Is Well With My Soul, There Is a Balm in Gilead, In the Garden. These advanced arrangements provide a comforting setting for a memorial service or funeral. 12 Pages.
Comfort in the Time of Need
  Christmas Bells
This late intermediate Christmas suite includes a medley of bell carols including: I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day, The Bells on the Sleigh to Grandma's House (Over the River and Through the Wood/Jingle Bells) and Bells are Ringing (Ding Dong Merrily on High and Ring, Little Bells).
Christmas Bells
  Beethoven's Boogie
This is available as an early intermediate solo or late elementary duet with equal parts that incorporates themes from Fúr Elise and the 5th Symphony.
Beethoven's Boogie
  Cool Breeze

Teenage girls and adults will love this piece that possesses an expressive melody and flowing accompaniment.

Cool Breeze
  Halloween Dance

This early-intermediate solo in D minor is written in 4/4 time with straight 8ths. The B section allows the student to swing the 8ths for a more jazzy feel.

Halloween Dance
  The Ice Cream Truck
This works as an elementary solo or duet with optional accompaniment. The truck plays the theme "London Bridge is Falling Down." Ice Cream Truck
  O Come Little Children

A late-elementary arrangement of the popular German carol.

  Playin' It Cool

This 'who-done-it' jazzy solo in Cm uses swing rhythms throughout. It's a perfect way to introduce simple swing feel and doubles as a great Halloween solo.

Playin' It Cool
  Oklahoma Heritage

This suite from the Alfred state series includes four original pieces that range from mid-late intermediate level and was featured as an official project of the state centennial. Pieces include: Oklahoma Land Run!, Red Earth, Flight O'er the Wichitas and Bedlam Bash.

hear Land Run  hear Red Earthhear Red Earth

Oklahoma Heritage

  Route 66 - A Musical Journey
As part of Alfred's Learning Link Series, this intermediate collection combines history, maps, trivia and features original pieces about each of the eight states along Route 66.
  Water is Wide - (Gift of Love)
This duet of the popular folk tune Waly-Waly is a favorite with intermediate and adults! The early-advanced secondo part enhances the primo which is early-interm, making it perfect for teacher/student duets. Church pianists are familiar with this tune as a popular setting for sacred texts and find it accessible for service music for church or weddings.
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Carl Fischer   
  Celebrating Christmas Duets
These early-intermediate duets include parts with equal difficulty and feature two medleys of upbeat popular carols as well as arrangements of O Come All Ye Faithful, Away in a Manger and Silent Night.
Celebrating Christmas
  Easy Piano Classics for the Hobby Pianist
These intermediate level arrangements include some of the most popular classical favorites by well-known composers (Fúr Elise, Canon in D, Clare de Lune, Swan Lake, Adagio from Sonata Pathetique) as well as other gems like the Bach Sicilienne and Aria from the Goldberg Variations
If your students like LF Olson's Rhythm Machine, you'll love this collection that takes that energy to the next level. All have techniques and titles that the basketball fan can relate to: Full Keyboard Press, Buzzer Beater, Man to Man Defense and Take Charge!
  Happy Halloween!
This collection is the most accessible book in my studio because it includes a wide variety of fun solos from elementary-early intermediate level, making it perfect for families with siblings. It also includes pieces with lyrics and two duets, with both teacher/student and student/student pairings. It also includes pedagogical pieces that introduce triplets; (Fred-er-ick Frankenstein) as well as the spaces on the grand staff; (FACE in the Moon).
Happy Halloween!

Hymn Meditations

& Hymns

These collections possess different covers but include the same music, with the latter including fingerings and some text. Selections include mid-late intermediate arrangements of Amazing Grace, In the Cross of Christ I Glory, Come Thou Fount, My Hope is Built, What Wondrous Love and a setting of the tune, Waly-Waly (The Water is Wide).

This early-intermediate collection is the perfect introduction to jazz styles and includes a variety of rhythmic feels and articulations. The composer limiits the technical demands allowing the student to focus on rhythm integrity and style of each contrasting work. Titles include: Swingin', Jammin', Leavin' (ballad), Jazzin', Boppin', etc.

  Long Time Ago

These intermediate level duets of American folk songs provide parts with equal difficulty and are careful to share the melody. Printed lyrics under the alternating melody allow the performers to follow it as it moves between parts and the stacked format allows the performers to easily see how the parts work together as an ensemble. Selections include: All Through the Night, Big Rock Candy Mountain, Blow the Man Down, Cindy, Long Time Ago and Shenandoah. This is a favorite with adults too!

Long Time Ago
  Singer's Sonatina

This mid-elementary piece in C Major is designed to introduce the beginning student to a contrasting three movement (page) work. The sonatina does not use 8th notes but allows the student to explore a variety of styles, including a slow lyrical movement in F and a quicker moving last movement in 6/4. To establish the feeling of compound meter, the composer has composed lyrics for this mini-rondo starting with: "Roll over Beethoven..."

  Summer Scenes

The collection of early-intermediate original pieces is a staple for my beginning adults and/or transfer students. It provides me with a variety of pieces that are not threatening on the page but definitely captivate the ear. Students are introduced to a contrast of colors and learn to explore the use of the pedal. Pieces are easy to memorize and several have served as 'pupil savers'!

  Variations on the Birthday Song

This early advanced duet is the perfect entertainment for musicians-especially piano teachers. The 6 minute piece includes the theme and variations in the style of Bach, Kitty on the Keys, Octave Displacement, Flamboyant Dinner-Pianist, Visit to Broadway, Cool Swing, Beethoven, Schubert (in canon), Take the B-Train, and Rock and Roll.

Variations On the  Birthday Song
  Wanda's World: A Day in the Life of a Cat

These early-intermediate solos are based on my cat, Wanda and her many antics. Each peice includes a brief description of her behavior and personality. Titles include: A Tale of Two Tails, For Love of Fur, Ice Hockey, Purr-fect Slumber, Whisker Kisses, A Moment of Paws and A Look at the World Upside Down.

Wanda's World: A Day in the Life of a Cat  
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FJH Music Company
Looking for an alternative to Linus and Lucy for your jazz-loving students? Both you and them will enjoy this late-intermediate solo in 4/4 time that includes minimal technical demands but challenges their ears with counting dotted 8th/16th patterns.

Rabbits in the Snow

This late-elementary solo is a nice holiday alternative for students that may wish not to play Christmas carols. This programmatic piece provides a musical narrative that guides the student through the rabbit's journey. Its contrasting playful and serious moods are probably the reason it was recently selected for the Federation list.
Rabbits In the Snow


This wild dance in 6/8 is a showy solo with plenty of contrasting sections for a recital or entry in a festival or competition. The mid-intermmediate piece is in G Minor and uses the full range of the keyboard as well as wide range of dynamics.

Willis Publishing (Hal Leonard)
This is one of my earliest collections of early-late intermmediate pieces written for motivating my adult students. Each piece has a distinct color and encourages students to explore different touches at the piano.

Carol of the Bell (duet)

Contrary to the level indication on the cover, this piece is not as easy as it looks! It incorporates intricate cross-rhythms and echo effects (duet) as well as colorful harmonies and use of hemiola. I label it as late-intermmediate as it requires a fast tempo (felt in one).

Carol of the Bell

Dona Nobis Pacem (duet)

In this mid-late intermediate duet, one can hear the theme in canon as it is often sung. The arrangement uses the theme in contrasting voices of both the secondo and primo, culminating in a thicker texture but calming feel toward the end. Perfect for an offertory or communion service.


Heavenly Tunes for Two (duet)

This mid-late intermediate duet collection is a favorite at the churches where I play and includes many congregation favorites, including: Be Thou My Vision, Let Us Break Bread, Soon and Very Soon and He Leadeth Me to name a few. Swing Low Sweet Chariot is done in jazz style and is probably the most challenging (key changes) but the most engaging (and showy) in the set.

Heavenly Tunes  for Two

I Wonder as I Wander

This haunting arrangement in E minor uses colorful harmonies and is written for the mid-intermediate level. Be sure to follow the pedal indications and not be too strict with keeping a steady tempo.

I Wonder As I Wander  

In the Sweet
By and By

This late-intermediate arrangement sets this gospel standard in a new light and provides plenty of fresh interpretations. I perform it often for church as well as for memorial services and funerals. It is dedicated to my pre-college piano teacher and holds a special place in my heart.


Jingle Bell Bounce

If you like to swing, this Jingle is for you. It requires a lot of rhythm integrity, so be careful to lay on the back side of the beat and not rush the 2nd 8th note. The arrangement uses verse and chorus and will be a favorite to keep in your repertoire each Christmas season.


Sacred Tunes for Two

Unlike the Heavenly Tunes duet collection, the parts are not written for equal difficulty but for church pianist (advanced) and late elementary student. This allows my beginners to perform special music for church that has substantial length (in place of an anthem) or offertory. The collection uses the key of C with simple modulations to F or G. Selections include: Jesus Loves Me, Battle of Jericho, What a Friend We Have in Jesus, 'Tis So Sweet and Balm in Gilead, a congregation favorite!

Sacred Tunes for Two

St. Louis Blues (duet)

This later-intermediate duet takes the theme through all its changes in feel and tempo, providing lots of variety in jazz style.

Teaching Little Fingers to Play Hymns

This series from Willis has been around for decades and introduces beginners to hymn melodies in 5-finger patterns shared by the hands. Simplified accompaniment (one stave - lots of ledger lines!) is provided for parents, older siblings or teachers. MIDI accompaniment is also available.
  Wanda's Waltz

If your beginner is a cat-lover, this makes for a special 'first solo' on the spring recital. Again, the composer uses narration to describe the motivation behind the music and to tell the story of her cat, Wanda. For more music about Wanda, see the Carl Fischer collection: Wanda's World: A Day in the Life of a Cat.

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